There are many tools of the trade within the coffee industry and fortunately Miko also supplies a number of espresso related items, essential for the discerning barista and quality coffee house. We strive to facilitate all of your needs and recognise the importance of preparation and attention to detail.


Miko supplies a range of teas including Five Roses and Twinnings. We also have our own delicious range of Flavoured Puro Fairtrade Teas including Mint, Green Tea, Lemon, Strawberry, Forest Fruit, Rooibos, Earl Grey, and Rosehip or Fairtrade Organic Ceylon.

Hot Chocolate

We offer a delicious Belgian Chocolate range including Miko Qualichoc in 1 kg packs, Puro Fairtrade Chocolate Sachets and Puro Fairtrade 2 kg Pure Chocolate Tin with a very high cocoa content.


We also offer a range of branded sugar sticks, biscuits and bedroom sachets in both the Puro and Miko brands. Based on minimum order quantities we can offer kettles and display boxes for your bedroom solutions.

For Summer

We have a delicious range of smoothies and professional blenders as well as recipes for iced coffee drinks and cocktails.