Puro Coffee improving your GRI Reporting

Published 16th November 2023

The Global Reporting Initiative (known as GRI) Standards enable any organization – large or small, private or public – to understand and report on their impacts on the economy, environment, and people in a comparable and credible way, thereby increasing transparency on their contribution to sustainable development.

GRI is a global scorecard, which most South African companies use to compile their Sustainability Reports.

The Universal Standards strengthen the very foundations of all reporting through GRI, delivering the highest level of transparency for organizational impacts on the economy, environment, and people. 

The Universal Standards  – have been revised to incorporate reporting on human rights and environmental due diligence, in line with intergovernmental expectations which apply to all organizations.

Puro Coffee provides clients with the ability to improve their sustainability statistics.

Puro was born in 2005 with a commitment to stop the exploitation of the third world, ensuring fair prices to coffee growers, and saving rainforests and their species within coffee-producing countries.

Certified by the Fairtrade Foundation, Puro Coffee is a premium coffee brand that sources only the highest-quality Arabica and Robusta beans from around the globe.  The Fairtrade mark is an internationally recognized guarantee that the farmers that grow the coffee receive not only a fair price for their harvest but a social premium as well.

We are proud of the statistics achieved in South Africa

  • We have saved 5 372 552 m2. of rainforests.
  • For every 1KG of Puro Coffee produced, we save 21.19 m2. of rainforests
  • We have protected 321 715 trees
  • This means we have stored 51 399.8419 kg of CO2

By simply buying Puro Coffee, you can actively assist with our current South African environmental project, The Elephant Corridor Reserve.  The intention is to secure a wildlife corridor between two large, protected areas in South Africa’s ‘Elephant Coast’ thereby restoring the Greater Ukuwela Nature Reserve for the elephants. Be Part of Growing the African contribution and join the Puro Revolution.

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