Caffeine & Almond Milk: A Nutrient-Packed Duo in your Coffee Mug!

Published 5th December 2023

Metabolism boosting caffeine, our trusty wake-up call, stimulates the central nervous system. While it won’t turn you into a calorie-burning furnace, some studies hint at its role in modest weight loss. Think of it as that mysterious friend who occasionally slips you a helpful tip.

Short-term human trials suggest that caffeine might nudge the scale in the right direction. Coffee won’t magically transform your weight, but it might give it a gentle nudge.

Caffeine temporarily enhances brain function, improving mood, reaction time, vigilance, and cognitive abilities. It’s like a little brain cheerleader, urging you on!

It also indirectly stimulates serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid, which enhance memory, learning, and focus….. which means your brain cells are doing a happy dance!

Turns out, your genes also play a role. People with slower caffeine metabolism (resulting in higher blood caffeine levels) tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI) and reduced fat mass. It’s like a secret code hidden in our DNA.

Caffeine moonlights as an appetite suppressant. It’s like a tiny traffic cop directing your cravings away from the doughnuts. Some weight loss supplements even feature caffeine for this reason.

So enjoy your morning cuppa, but don’t expect it to replace your treadmill. Caffeine is a friendly nudge, not a magic wand.

Adding a splash of almond milk to your coffee, (the creamy elixir loved by health enthusiasts), makes is a calorie-savvy choice. Swap it for regular milk if you’re watching your waistline. Just be cautious with sweetened versions—they can sneak in extra calories.  Fortified almond milk is a secret agent for your bones, calcium and vitamin D….. So you can say hello to healthier bones without the moo.

Caffeine and almond milk—two intriguing characters in your health story. Cheers to a well-balanced cup of curiosity! Feel free to share this blog with fellow coffee lovers and almond aficionados. Happy sipping!

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