Miko has a passion for outstanding service, which is delivered as part of our package at no extra cost. We believe in the personal touch and as such we want to build enduring relationships with all of our clients as their partner in great coffee.

Barista Training

The artistry involved in brewing coffee has become a focal point for coffee enthusiasts. From the precise pouring technique of a pour-over to the skilful extraction achieved through espresso machines, brewing coffee has become an art form. The appreciation for good quality coffee goes beyond the taste; it extends to the aesthetics and craftsmanship involved in the brewing process.

Miko shares its passion for coffee by offering comprehensive barista training and support for all our clients. Miko’s training cover all aspects of the production of quality coffee, including equipment maintenance and cleaning, grinder settings, and, most importantly, coffee presentation. We can turn a novice into a barista, taking your company to the next level. Training is offered in-house and Train the Trainer courses are run at your nearest Miko Office.

Close-up view of a silver espresso machine making coffee into a white cup, set in a blurred coffee shop background.
A random collection of roasted coffee beans on a transparent background.
Espresso being poured into a white coffee cup labelled ‘Miko’ from a black and silver Miko coffee machine.
A random collection of roasted coffee beans on a transparent background.

Technical Service

Regular technical services are not a luxury for our clients; it comes as a standard part of our supply package. We insist on preventative maintenance visits to all Miko supported equipment – this helps avoid unexpected downtime due to technical breakdowns.

Our technical offer includes a loan unit swop-out system for bigger maintenance jobs, as well as a full strip and rebuild service for almost any make of espresso machine.

All our technicians are trained and supported by a team of international coffee specialists. With technologies and machinery constantly changing, we ensure that our technicians’ training is up to date because we want to fix your coffee machine first time, every time.


Free Coffee Machine Demo & Coffee Tasting

We welcome you to our showroom, where our Professional Coffee Consultants will demonstrate all the features of the machines and answer any questions you may have about the design and functionality.

We also offer free, no obligation trials on our revolutionary Pouch Pack Filter Coffee Systems.