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With more than 200 years of experience as a coffee roasting company, Miko Coffee offers a range of coffee blends that reflects their knowledge and heritage.

Espresso being poured into a white coffee cup labelled ‘Miko’ from a black and silver Miko coffee machine.

Our Story

Where it all began

Since 1801 our Master Coffee Roasters source the finest green coffee beans from around the globe.

Originating from all corners of the world, green coffee is shipped to the port of Antwerp (Belgium), the world’s largest storage site of coffee. Carefully blended to boost the finest aromas, that’s where our skilful roasters showcase their craftsmanship to create full-bodied, award-winning coffee products which is immediately packed and shipped to preserve all their delicate flavours and to seal in freshness.

With more than 200 years of experience as a coffee roasting company, Miko Coffee offers a range of coffee blends that reflects their knowledge and heritage.

So, coffee enthusiasts in South Africa, try out Miko Coffee‘s range of timeless coffee blends today!

Granditalia Roast

An Italian roast of the purest tradition. A rich, full-bodied blend, well balanced with a thick golden crema and a classic Italian style and finish.

With its depth of flavour and its smooth and creamy texture, there’s no doubt that it will appeal to everyone.

It’s the perfect match for a latte or a cappuccino.

A white coffee cup labeled ‘miko’ with a heart design on the foam, placed on a black surface with coffee beans and a silver coffee pot in the background.
Puro Noble

The complex character of this blend comes from the mild and smooth yet floral high grown Arabicas skillfully blended with the Peruvian Arabicas for a perfect balance of flavour. Through the addition of the premium Robusta, a hint of dark chocolate is injected into the cup thus ensuring this blend works well in all situations.

Puro Fuerte

Wow, good morning and a warm welcome from this intense fiery blend. This dark roasted blend of high grown Arabica’s with the finest Ugandan Robusta’s creates a warm balanced cup with lively fragrant flavours, which when added to perfectly tempered milk creates a bitter sweet chocolate.

Ancillaries Range

A black box of tea sold by Miko. The box contains 100 tea bags.

Miko supplies a range of teas including Miko Cylon and Twinnings. We also have our own delicious range of Flavoured Puro Fairtrade Teas including Early Grey, Forest Fruit, Strawberry, Lemon, Chamomile, Apple Cinnamon, Green, Rooibos and Green Mint.

A display box with sachets of Miko Hot Chocolate in it.
Hot Chocolate

We offer a delicious Belgian Chocolate range including Miko Qualichoc in 1 kg packs, Puro Fairtrade Chocolate Sachets with a very high cocoa content, as well as a range of flavoured hot drinks including toffee caramel and aero mint chocolate.

A couple of sachets of Miko coffee set against a white background.
Single Units

We offer a range of branded sugar sticks, biscuits, nougat and bedroom coffee, tea, Nespresso capsules and hot chocolate sachets.

Three takeaway cups filled with vibrantly coloured slushy inside.

Our Sneky range of syrups and ice drink machines offers you the most vibrant slushy flavours. Get in touch today to set up your machine

Two white coffee cups labeled ‘LIGHT ROAST’ and ‘HIGH ROAST’ from ‘mikocoffee.com’, with black lids, sleeves, and illustrations of coffee beans, leaves, and flowers on a white background.
Miko Eco Cups

Our Miko Eco cups are reusable and offer you up to 1,000 washes. Say goodbye to Single Use Takaway Coffee Cups.